As parents of a 5-year-old at the time, I was looking for two things:
- Being purposeful in our daughter's use of media: TV and tablet.
- Appreciate entertainment that is family-friendly and reinforces the same values we are trying to instill in her. 

Superbook ticks many boxes:
- Gives our daughter TV time

- Also gives her tablet time if you install their app with lots of cool games. Click here for the link. 

- Gives us time together. While we are in the kitchen cooking or cleaning, we also watch it.

- It is fun and engaging. Kids watch the same episode many times!

- Every story from the Bible that Superbook tells has a lesson to be learned and the lesson is applied to real-life situations.

- When it is time to discipline, it is incredible how the stories come back to our minds. We then remind our daughter about that specific episode, how the characters felt/dealt with it, and how the Bible helped them. It is an INCREDIBLE tool!

- She invites her friends to attend church to be part of the Superbook Club. We will share a story about our daughter at school teaching her friends the Fruit of the Spirit! Stay tuned!

- The storylines are accurate. They don't turn it into something to just 'retell' the story for a young child. For example, in the story of Daniel and the Lion's Den (Roar!), Darius says he is going to throw the other guys into the lion's den at the end of the story, so it isn't left out. They do, however, move on at that point and not show them being thrown in.

- The stories also include the spiritual warfare that is going on in the stories. They don't go overboard, so it's not a constant thing. But we love that when our daughter reads the stories, she will notice the spiritual warfare written in the Bible because they were introduced to it at a young age.
A little more on the spiritual warfare occurs, in the first episode titled, "In The Beginning". They actually show the story of Lucifer and his followers fighting with angels in Heaven and then being cast down to earth. This sets the stage for the story of Adam and Eve but is certainly a story that is often left out of kid's shows. But the story is true and portrayed in a way that kids can understand and also helps the story to make sense. What we see mostly is Adam and Eve and then this guy Satan (who is bad) comes out of nowhere. Showing the fall of Lucifer helps piece this story together.

Hope you and your family enjoy Superbook as much as we do!

Angelica Waller